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Gilbert Arenas On Shaquille O'Neal's Criticism Of Players: “He Comes From An Era Where The Reverse Psychology Is How You Push A Player And That’s Shaq.”

Credit: CNBC

Credit: CNBC

Gilbert Arenas has been the last name to talk about Shaquille O'Neal and all the comments he's made about big men and modern-day NBA players. The four-time NBA champion has starred in some controversial moments in the past, raising a lot of eyebrows for his comments towards younger players, talking bad about some really good players.

A couple of weeks ago, he went after Rudy Gobert, mocking his contract extension, then calling him out on Instagram with an edit, claiming he would drop 45 on the Frenchman, before going after Donovan Mitchell, Gobert's teammate on the Utah Jazz. These antics didn't sit well with anybody around the league and O'Neal has claimed he's just trying to help these players to get better, but nobody is buying that.

However, Gilbert Arenas recently explained why Shaq says what he says during a conversation with Dwyane Wade, who played alongside the Big Diesel in Miami for four years. Arenas said that the big man comes from a different era, where he was constantly receiving shots regardless of how hard he played. The Washington Wizards icon said that he uses reverse psychology to get the best out of these guys, he's not necessarily hating (1:03 mark).

“He comes from an era where the reverse psychology is how you push a player and that’s Shaq," Arenas said.

Wade explained that he didn't like to do TV after his career was over because players always say you're a hater if you point out any of their failures. Now he's working alongside Shaq on TNT, feeling different about being an analyst.

“I was like, ‘I don’t want to do TV. I won’t become a hater.’ I always had this perception that when you get on TV, you become a hater. When you get on TV, and now that I am, all your job is to talk about what you see.”

He explained that it is more important how you give the information than the information itself and that will create the perspective of whether you're hating on somebody or just pointing out what he did wrong during one game.

“It’s kind of our job to sit back and watch all play. And if I watch Draymond play, and Draymond got 0 points, 1 rebound, 2 assists, it’s my job to come on TV and talk about that. But it depends on how it is delivered. It can come off as hating or not,” Wade added.

This isn't an easy job, as Wade explains, but he also made it clear that there are ways to let people know what is happening around the league. Recently, Deron Williams called Shaq a hater and now Wade and Arenas have explained what is really happening and why the former star is acting the way he's acting in recent days.