Gilbert Arenas Recalls The Time Michael Jordan's Camp Chanted 'MJ Sucks' To Support Arenas

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Gilbert Arenas Recalls The Time Michael Jordan's Camp Chanted 'MJ Sucks' To Support Arenas

Being the huge figure he is in the world of sports, Michael Jordan has lived and starred in some interesting moments during his career. MJ has racked up plenty of anecdotes and even though he doesn't talk about them, other people always find it interesting to remember the time they spent with MJ and the funny or crazy things that happened during that time.

Washington Wizards icon Gilbert Arenas recently remembered one of his first encounters with MJ almost 20 years ago. Back in 1999, a 17-year-old Arenas went to MJ's camp to train with the GOAT, hoping to learn very valuable things from the legend. Arenas, though, was a kid that didn't like to pass the ball, not even to MJ. He was great during those days, having 40-point games, drawing the attention of Jordan.

He says he was so good that MJ's camp turned against the Chicago Bulls legend and started praising Arenas after a couple of days.

“By Day 3, I had the whole camp saying, ‘MJ sucks, Gilbert’s better [in rhyme]’.”

Truth to his style, Jordan tried to humble Arenas using some of his famous lines against the young baller.

“He said, ‘you remind me of a player in my team’. And no discredit to the player, but when he told me the player’s name I was really pissed… I’m like [guessing] Scottie Pippen, yeahhhh! He [MJ] was like ‘Randy Brown’. I said ‘who?’ He said, ‘Randy Brown’. W** do you mean Randy Brown.”

Arenas wasn't having any of that. He wanted to get more credit but that wasn't going to happen with MJ. Arenas was a great talent but he never was able to accomplish all the things people expected from him. He showed he was stubborn during his youth, even against Jordan and none of that changed once he made it to the league.