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Gilbert Arenas Says Anthony Davis Is The Lakers' Centerpiece To Win The Title This Year


Anthony Davis is, just like the Los Angeles Lakers, struggling to find his touch ahead of the 2021 NBA playoffs. The Brow missed a couple of months of action due to injuries, and now that he's back, things haven't clicked for him or his team. 

Right now, the Lakers are without LeBron James, who re-injured his ankle last week, leaving AD the responsibility of carrying the team in his absence. Having these two on the court will be important for the purple and gold, but Gilbert Arenas believes that Davis will be the key for the Lakers to win back-to-back titles this season. 

The Washington Wizards icon recently claimed that having a healthy LeBron is essential but the Lakers need AD to unlock rival defenses and win it all this campaign (0.59). 

“He can shoot the outside shot, he can dribble. He can play the dunker spot, he can post up, he can play iso basketball. So you have an all-around offensive juggernaut. And there’s a reason you can put LeBron, Kuzma, with him, and he can intertwine – ‘Are you guys going to be posting up, I’ll send (from) the three-point line. LeBron, you want to be out? I’ll be in the post.’"

“So you have a guy who can interchange and interlock in different positions. That keeps your flexibility wide open because of a player who can (play) multiple positions… Winning with AD as the centerpiece, you know he’s growing into that role… He’s understanding that – with me hitting great shots, I still have to make great passes, I still have to make great decisions with the ball in my hand.”

The Lakers' current situation is not the best of all, but these guys are working on getting things going again. It's unclear when LeBron is coming back to action but the Brow is trying to take this team to the next level. 

If the Lakers make it to the postseason healthy and ready to go, the rest of the league will have a big problem beating them.