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Gilbert Arenas Says He Would Love To Play 1-On-1 Against Kyrie, Curry, And Lillard

(via Complex)

(via Complex)

When it comes to going face-to-face against the NBA's best players, not many would step up to the challenge and even fewer would win.

As for former NBA All-Star Hilbert Arenas, he seemed confident in his ability to win against the best stars in the game.

Here's what he said on Reddit when asked to name guys he'd want to go up against one-on-one.

"Kyrie... would love to play Kyrie, Steph and Dame. because we didn't have aggressive type of guards like that back when i was playing."

Gilbert Arenas' confidence is well-founded. When he was playing and healthy, he was averaging over 25 points as one of the NBA's best scorers.

He likely could have fared pretty well against even today's top point guards because of his modernized skillset, and sheer passion for the game. In fact, he says he'd have outplayed a lot of them.

That my IQ was top 5 of all time. people called me a ball hog because i averaged 29. but i had 2 other guys averaging 20. so for a guy to understand the rules, possessions and how to stop the close. to get to the line and stop the clock. to manipulate the rules where it didn't cost to play with me. you would have rather played w/me than Kyrie. no disrespect to Kyrie but he plays a playoffs style which means every possession counts. you're not fighting for the same food, everyone eats. everyone got a chance to maximize their production which gave them better contracts.

Even though he'll never get the chance to prove it, Arenas is confident that his name is one that belongs with the best of them. Who are we to argue?