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Gilbert Arenas Says Kevin Durant Was Dominant In Workout Against Him And John Wall

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

There were a lot of concerns regarding Kevin Durant's injury because not even the greatest players of all time have been able to fully recover from an ACL injury at his age. Some people thought that he was never going to be the same player and that he was going to need way more than one year to get his legs back under him.

That's why Durant never intended to play last season, even if it was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. He wanted to be 100% back at full strength and worked his way through the entire process to make sure he's as good as ever.

And, according to John Wall and Gilbert Arenas, Durant has been firing at all cylinders lately, not only from a purely physical or basketball standpoint but also from his mindset, lauding his aggressiveness during their workouts together:

"The mindset is the most important. How is he going to start the game? That's how we know where he's at at this point. So he comes out and he shoots the first six shots (...) I know what he's gonna do, I'm prepared for it, but if he ever decides, I'm done," Arenas said on his Podcast.

John Wall praised Durant's skillset and pointed out that he's been working on shooting and finishing with his left hand a lot, which would only make him even scarier in the offensive end if that's possible.

Kevin Durant is already 32 years old and his durability following this injury is always going to be a concern. He's never been injury-prone but these kinds of things can alter a guy's career for good, regardless of how talented he is.

Then again, if someone can come back as good as ever - if not better - that's definitely Durant, one of the greatest offensive juggernauts to ever set foot on a basketball hardwood.