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Gilbert Arenas Says Kobe Once Dropped 55 Points On Michael Jordan After He Told Him He Would Never "Fill His Shoes"

(via Chicago Tribune0

(via Chicago Tribune0

Kobe Bryant was just one of those guys you did not want to piss off.

He proved that point time and time, and time again. And, as Gilbert Arenas recently told the world on the No Chill Podcast, he did it even against Michael Jordan back in the early 2000s.

Apparently, according to Arenas, Bryant went off after MJ once told Kobe that he could wear his shoes but would "never fill them."

That moment was one that helped cement Kobe's legacy as the next "torchbearer" in a sense. After that season, he would go on to win multiple Championships, an MVP, and several All-NBA selections.

Nowadays, he is being compared to both Jordan and LeBron as he continues his post-basketball life. His resume is one very few can live up to and he is probably one of the most popular basketball players ever. Looks like he filled those shoes after-all.