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Gilbert Arenas Says LeBron James Jr. Can Match His Father's Statistics

Gilbert Arenas Says LeBron James Jr. Can Match His Father's Statistics

LeBron James is arguably the greatest player that the league has ever seen and his son LeBron James Jr, otherwise known as Bronny, may have the potential to be just as good as his father.

Bronny is still four years away from making it to the NBA, however, former NBA All-Star Gilbert Arenas is already prepared to say that he will be just as good as his dad. Arenas has plenty of reasoning behind this, the former star has worked with Bronny and other NBA players’ children.

Arenas is in the opinion that the 14-year-old high school freshman has the ability to reach the same numbers that his father has been able to achieve, per Bleacher Report’s Leo Sepkowitz.

“The only person that’s gonna challenge LeBron’s stats is the next one coming,” Arenas said. “He’s a super freak.”

The young man has so much pressure on him to live up to the player that his father has become, the closer he gets to the NBA, the more attention he is bound to attract from media, other players and NBA franchises. Hearing from former greats of the game such as Gilbert Arenas say such positive things about Bronny, just adds to the expectations he will carry when entering the NBA. There are not too many 14-year-olds in the world that would be carrying this type of pressure on their back.

It’s been clear that one of LeBron James final goals to achieve before he retires is to be still playing during the day that his son is drafted. It would be incredible to see in four years’ time, LeBron James and his son running around on the same NBA court together.

It’s a long journey but it’s certainly one to keep your eyes on in the next few years.