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Gilbert Arenas Says Zion Williamson Has The Potential To Be 'The Next GOAT' If He Moves To The SG Position

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Ever since before he played a single minute in the NBA, Zion Williamson was already drawing controversial takes and reviews. Some called him a time bob due to his weight issues, others believed that he could be the next face of the league.

But of all the takes about him, Gilbert Arenas had perhaps the hottest, claiming that he didn't actually have any kind of skill. Fast-forward to today, and Agent Zero still believes what he said despite the numbers Zion has been putting on.

However, now Arenas believes that even despite his lack of skill, Zion could enter the conversation if he moved to the shooting guard position:

"He doesn't have a skill... Skill is drilling, passing, shooting... that's a skill. (...) You know... you put him at the four, I don't see that card moving, you put him at the three... I don't know if he can handle that. You put him at the two and even if he loses 30-40 pounds, he's still the biggest two guard, he's still going to be faster than every shooting guard, he'd be stronger than any shooting guard, he'd be the most athletic shooting guard... So that's the position that makes him the next GOAT. Three or four? No chance," Arenas said.

That's an interesting take, for sure. Arenas added that Zion wouldn't need to be a good shooter because of his speed, power, and strength. He said that he could overpower people every time he drove and that he could also dominate in post-ups.

Williamson had the ball in his hands a lot under coach Stan Van Gundy and made some nice strides as a playmaker and ball-handler. But going from that to playing at the shooting guard, we just don't see that happening, at least in the foreseeable future.