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Gilbert Arenas Selects The 5 Greatest Point Guards Of All Time

Gilbert Arenas Selects 5 Greatest Point Guards Of All Time

Fadeaway World 

Gilbert Arenas has always had a clear opinion on most NBA-related topics but there is one that wasn't as easy to explain for him as the rest. During a recent edition of his 'No Chill' Podcast, the Washington Wizards icon talked about point guards, the most important position in basketball right now. 

We've seen plenty of good point guards over the years and some of them have left a big mark on the game so it's hard to pick a top 5 of them. Of course, Magic Johnson is the best PG of all time and probably until Stephen Curry retires, he will keep that honor. 

After Magic, you can pick whoever you want, which is what Arenas did but he has some issues finishing his top 5, somehow turning it into a top 6 (18:44). 

"Top 5 ever... Magic, John Stockton, LeBron, I gotta go with Chris Paul. [Jason] Kidd was hard because he wasn't trained to shoot, he was a defender. But Nash just had an amazing vision. If he was today and said, 'he really didn't gotta do that' and you couldn't stop him."

Arenas also talked about the current top 5 point guards in the association, including LeBron James along with other big talents on the list. 

"I’m gonna have LeBron, CP, Curry, Russ, and Dame," Arenas said. 

He mentioned Kyrie Irving, too, making it clear that if he didn't make the cut was because of LeBron James and Chris Paul. Still, Gilbert said that the Brooklyn Nets point guard is the most skilled player of all. 

"Kyrie’s tricky because in this moment in time, he’s the most skillful out of all of them. Kyrie is just a whole different breed, so it’s really hard because you can’t keep him out of the top 5 at all. If you do leave him off, you’re only leaving him off because Chris Paul is still here and LeBron is still here."

We have seen a lot of talented playmakers in 75 years of NBA but only a handful of them made it to the best of the best. Some people would say LeBron isn't a point guard but he's played at that position a lot of times and his basketball IQ allows him to be a really good playmaker. 

Everybody has their opinion on this topic and Arenas' isn't bad at all. He didn't mention Isiah Thomas or Stephen Curry on his all-time top 5 list but still named some really all-time greats.