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Gilbert Arenas: ‘The Wizards' Locker Room Was Like A Frat House’

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Gilbert Arenas recently joined ESPN’s The Jump to discuss several topics. The All-Star point guard shared some good stories regarding his former teammate Richard Jefferson while also describing how bad things were during his days with the Washington Wizards.

Arenas claimed the team’s locker room was more like a fraternity house than a professional team, which made things really hard for the Capitals in their attempts to succeed in the association.

Trevor Booker spoke with HoopsHype, revealing all the kind of stuff that happened in that locker room, the opposite that you expect to see in an NBA team.

“Because those guys didn’t care at all, you know? I would come into the locker room the day of a game and watch one player cut up the suit of another player. One guy took a s--t in another guy’s shoe. I have stories for days. We would go on the road and we would break into each other’s room and beat a player up, tie him up. There are so many stories I got from those Washington days. It was so much fun, but looking back on it? Oh my goodness, it was so unprofessional,” Booker said.

Gilbert was inquired about who was the leader of such a dysfunctional team, but he made it clear that those guys were something else and acted like anything but professional players.

“It was that group, it was older and then all the young kids came so it was like a frat house.”

Knowing Arenas, his antics and controversies during his playing days, many won’t hesitate to claim he liked that environment.