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Gilbert Arenas Was Brutally Honest, Took Shots At Isaiah Thomas And Other Players For Confronting Fans

Credit: AP Photo

Credit: AP Photo

Following an altercation with two Philadelphia 76ers fans, Isaiah Thomas was suspended two games by the league. Thomas went to confront two Sixers fans but former Washington Wizards star Gilbert Arenas thinks Thomas is being a "sore ass loser."

Arenas is not a man who stays silent and that gives the fans a lot of things to discuss. The former point guard decided to talk about this matter with a now-deleted IG post, where he said players need to "stop this goofy shit," referencing fans jeering and heckling them during games.

Arenas' full comments:

"I'm sorry but y'all players gotta stop this goofy shit💯 crying about the fans??🤯🤯 @nba stop rewarding these SORE ass LOSERS 👀 🗣yo wife's is a heffa whore""f u bytch " hit harder when u down 20 🤣🤣 have u noticed they hear all that shit when they getting smacked up and down that court 😬💯 YALL will (neva ever ever ever) hear a player complain about verbal abuse by a fan if they winning and he balling😂😂 naw that player becomes @shannonsharpe84 with the mouth and the fan is @skipbayless #Bustskipup 🤣🤣 they money talk the fans(shut up before I buy u)(they try and take the dude girl)(they start sending they number too the cheerleaders) every thing poppn when they winning😂🤣 now they become little girl when the fan gets the upper hand😂😂 they little insecure periods start running down they legs when the fans start yelling out shit😇 them philly fans could have just called @isaiahthomas little and he would have been on they ass at that point 😬what they said to him is normal convo from opposing fans💯

I had to hear @shaq is having sex with yo girl every time I touched the ball in Indiana 😂😂 imagine shooting free throws and two dudes rein acting two ppl having sex and they tee shirt had Shaq written in marker and the other said "Arenas girl" 😫🤯 @kingjames shoulder tap didn't have shit on this 🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂 I know one hit all backboard the other I'm not sure if it actually left my hands but I was credited with a miss🤣🤣😜 I was minus 24 for the game 😜💯 I wish getting fans kicked out was an option back then ...I would have turned into Denzel Washington in training day 🗣 aww, you motherfuckers, putting cases on all you bitches HUH. You think you can do this shit too me? You mother fuckers will be attending #iupui games when I get finished with you 😂😂😂😂😂 let these fans do what they do best ( use what ever it takes to get into the opponents head to secure the home win) as long as the fans ain't touching u it's fair game when u on the road💯 if I spend 10k for a floor seat 🗣 I'm running my mouth."

Trash talk is part of the game and fans have to do their thing trying to help their teams. NBA players should be used to that, but in this case, that didn’t happen.

Still, Thomas will serve his 2-game suspension and will try to return better than ever. The point guard is trying to come back to the headlines, but not for this kind of news.