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Glen 'Big Baby' Davis Reprimanded For Violating Bail To Attend Celtics vs. Heat: "You Have Fouled Out"

Glen 'Big Baby' Davis Reprimanded For Violating Bail To Attend Celtics vs. Heat: "You Have Fouled Out"

Glen Davis is one of the most memorable NBA players of the last generation. He isn't memorable because of his exploits on the court but is remembered as a constant face on the Boston Celtics that won the 2008 championship. In addition, Davis has built up a lot of notoriety outside of his playing career.

Davis is currently being prosecuted by the US Federal Government for attempting to defraud the NBA Players’ Health And Welfare Benefit Plan for millions of dollars. He is currently out on bail because of the charges levied against him. Other notable players caught up in the scandal alongside Davis are Jamario Moon, Darius Miles, and Terrance Williams, among others.  

Davis isn't in jail yet, but is living life as free as he could be despite being under indictment. 'Big Baby' is a constant fixture at Celtics games and that is something the government has noticed, as a federal judge has said that he will be punished if he violates his plea bargain again by attending another Boston Celtics game:

“You have fouled out, in basketball terms,” U.S. district judge Sarah Caproni told Davis. “If there’s another foul, you’re going straight from here to the MDC [Manhattan Detention Complex] … You’re going to get caught because you’re all over social media, so you’ve got to comply with these rules.” (h/t YardBaker)

The terms of Big Baby's plea bargain restrict his travel to either New York or California. Considering the Celtics play in Boston, Massachusetts, Davis violates his plea bargain every time he goes to the TD Garden.

With the federal government noticing this, the former NBA champion must be careful about where he goes. Watching the Celtics from either New York or California won't hurt, but if he travels back to Beantown, the Big Baby could be seeing the inside of a prison cell sooner rather than later.