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Glen Davis' Mom Made Him Apologize To Kevin Garnett After An Altercation During His First NBA Practice

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Dealing with egos could be complicated, especially in the NBA. The players are used to being stars since their days in high school, so making the adjustment once they turn pro isn't exactly easy for some.

That could be the case with Glen Davis when he joined the Boston Celtics as a rookie. He had to share the locker room with several alpha dogs, but none as fierce as Kevin Garnett, the Big Ticket himself.

As a matter of fact, 'Big Baby' was pretty close to getting on Garnett's wrong side right out of the gate, as they got to it during practice as he thought the rookie was trash-talking to him.

"It was my first day hoopin’, and we’re playing pickup. I’m like, ‘Okay, cool, I’m here now.’ I get a jump shot, boom hit it, and I leave it up like, ‘get up, yeah,’ talking to myself. Ticket looked at me like, ‘Who the fu*k you talkin’ to?’ I’m like, ‘This is Ticket, but I’m no bit*h a** dude, I’m just trying to get my swag.’ He’s like, ‘Fu*k your swag!’ I’m like, ‘Fu*k your swag!’" Davis told Fubo News, as quoted by Basketball Network.

The former NBA Champion even added that, if it wasn't for his mom, he would've never apologized to Garnett for that little scuffle and maybe they wouldn't have built the relationship they had:

"I was talking to my mom, and my mom was like, ‘Go to him and say, man, keep it on the floor, I apologize. (...) He’s getting breakfast, so I kinda edged up to him, like wanting him to speak to me. He just looked right past me. I walked up to him, he was in his locker, and I was like, ‘Man, I apologize. Whatever I did yesterday, I thought it was gonna stay there, but I apologize right now.’ He was like, ‘You good little fella,'" Davis concluded.

It's funny how things work out at the end. If he wanted, Garnett could've had Davis traded in the blink of an eye. Gladly, he was the bigger man and earned his stripes as a rookie.