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Gloria James And LeBron James React To The King's Big Game: "What They Gone Say Now?"

lerbron mom

LeBron James had a big game on Wednesday night, taking his Los Angeles Lakers to the 2021 NBA playoffs with a massive win over the Golden State Warriors, 103-100. 

The King recorded a triple-double again, but the night's most significant moment happened when he hit a big 3-pointer over Stephen Curry that gave his team a hard-fought win. 

After the game was over, everybody praised James for his incredible performance and his game-winning shot. Then, he took to social media to hype himself up, letting people know that he's ready to dominate once again. 

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In a season where he suffered a series of injuries, the King came back and demonstrated that he still got it against a big rival like the Dubs. 

He wasn't the only one happy with the game. His mother, Gloria, also took to Instagram to celebrate her son and the incredible game he had. 

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Now the Lakers are ready to face the Phoenix Suns in the first round of the playoffs. This win can be the boost they need to face the 2021 NBA postseason that will present many challenges for the Lakers. 

Still, LeBron and co. will be a menace for anybody around the association. They beat the hottest team in May and now will try to keep going against arguably the biggest surprise of the season in Phoenix.