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Golden State Warriors Reportedly Waived Avery Bradley Against The Wishes Of Stephen Curry And Draymond Green

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Avery Bradley and Stephen Curry

The Golden State Warriors are a team that is gearing up for yet another championship run. Klay Thompson will be coming back from injury, and despite Kevin Durant's departure in 2019, the Warriors still have Stephen Curry and Draymond Green on the roster. Everything seems in place for a long playoffs run.

Avery Bradley was a veteran that was signed by the Golden State Warriors during the offseason on a training camp deal. Bradley is generally known for his perimeter defense and shooting skills. He would have certainly been able to help the Warriors with their championship quest, though he has since been waived. The Warriors still have one roster spot available for a 15th man.

A recent report by Marcus Thompson of The Athletic has relayed that the Golden State Warriors' decision to waive Avery Bradley came against the wishes of stars Draymond Green and Stephen Curry, who were among "a strong group of advocates" in favor of retaining the veteran guard.

The 15th roster spot decision wasn’t without consequence for the Warriors’ front office.

In releasing Avery Bradley, the Warriors had to thwart the wishes of their best players, according to team sources. Stephen Curry and Draymond Green were among a group of strong advocates for keeping Bradley. The almost 31-year-old entering his 12th season didn’t look especially impactful in his preseason run. But those who favored Bradley weren’t at all concerned about how a proven veteran looked in preseason. Instead, they saw Bradley as someone with the credibility to help their hopes for a deep playoff run.

Perhaps the biggest reason for the Bradley advocacy was his experience. The Warriors vets are eyeing a deep playoff run. They’ve been clear about their desire to pursue a championship. Bradley gives them someone who can lock in with them as they take on the better teams in the West. Bradley has 1,250 minutes of playoff experience. The best-case scenario for that last playoff spot, Gary Payton II, has 808 minutes of NBA experience.

It remains to be seen if the Golden State Warriors will end up signing a player to that final roster spot, or whether it will remain open. A lot of contending teams leave a spot open to see if anyone becomes available after getting their contract bought out later in the season, and the Warriors could easily add someone later if they're worth the spot.

Hopefully, Avery Bradley getting waived won't affect their chances too much. The Golden State Warriors still have a great roster aside from their core 3 stars. Perhaps that will be enough to make a run for the title. What's certain is that with Stephen Curry, they'll always have a chance to beat even the best teams on any given night.