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Gordon Hayward Hits Back At Jazz Fans After Leaving Utah


When a player leaves a franchise for their own reasons after having a long stint there, the fans always end up in a mix of sadness and anger. Utah Jazz fans are certainly not any different, when Gordon Hayward left the Jazz for the Boston Celtics, fans took out their anger on their own Hayward merchandise.

In a recent interview on the Pardon My Take Podcast, Hayward shared stories of fans leaving burnt jerseys on his doorstep, which led to the family having to hire security for the house.

However, Hayward never saw the video of a group of fans burning a Hayward jersey while laughing, one of the fans quoted: “Thanks for betraying us. Have fun being LeBron’s little B word”.

However, it’s quickly backfired on these particular Jazz fans, as now LeBron has moved to the Western Conference and the Los Angeles Laker now led by ‘The King’ is yet another team that the Jazz will have to compete against come playoff time.

Hayward responded with, "Now the Jazz might be LeBron's little B word".

Gordon Hayward missed the whole 2017-18 season due to an injury he suffered in the first game of the season against the Cavaliers. However, if all goes to plan, Hayward will be able to have a complete injury-free year for the Celtics in their quest to return to the NBA Finals.

Utah Jazz fans will especially be looking forward to the moment that the Celtics arrive in Utah, giving the chance for fans to host a hostile reunion for their former star.