Gordon Hayward Is Not Impressed With His Thanksgiving Turkey: "Is This How It's Supposed To Look?"

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Credit: IG/robynmhayward

Credit: IG/robynmhayward

Gordon Hayward's Thanksgiving Day didn't go as well as expected. The new Charlotte Hornets player tried to have a fine dinner with his wife and kids but things turned out pretty bad for them. Robyn, Gordon's wife, shared a couple of Instagram stories to describe how their Thanksgiving celebration was going, and the results weren't very good.

First, she shared a pic of Hayward's face showing his disappointment with something. Then, she posted one pic of the turkey they were doing and it was just... Not good. She captioned both pictures with "is this how it's supposed to look?" and to be fair, no, that's not how it's supposed to look.

NBA fans took notice of things and instantly started making jokes about Hayward and his turkey, calling him out for earning a lot of money and not getting someone to cook for him and his family or to get some cooking lessons for this special occasion.

Hayward is now part of the Charlotte Hornets after the Celtics agreed on a 4-year, $120 million deal with the Hornets. That contract has been heavily criticized by NBA fans and now his turkey has received more bad comments. I'm pretty sure this wasn't what Hayward had in mind for Thanksgiving, but better luck next year.