Grant Hill Thinks He Would Surpass Michael Jordan: "I Mean Who Knows. When I Came Into The NBA, I Had Success Right Away. Certainly, There Was A Void Because Michael Had Retired And A Lot Was Sort Of Dumped On Me."

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Michael Jordan is the greatest player of all time. We've felt like that since he was still playing and that's not likely to change any time soon.

Even so, there have been some players who most people thought could have a shot at taking down Jordan. One of them was Grant Hill, the ultimate point forward. He was a guy with the ability to posterize the most dominant rim protectors in the league. He could do it all on both ends of the court, and then injuries derailed his career.

Some people were sure that Hill was going to be the next big thing, including him. In fact, he recently said on Carlos Watson's show that he thought he had a shot at being better than the GOAT:

"Well, of course in my mind, yes it was a possibility (to surpass MJ). I mean who knows. When I came into the NBA, I had success right away. Certainly, there was a void because Michael had retired and a lot was sort of dumped on me,” Hill said.

Injuries took the best of Hill's career and while he was still a pretty solid player, he could never fulfill his true potential as a superstar:

“I got hurt after my sixth season. It was really, for obvious reasons so disappointing. But it was interesting because certainly for me having some fight to get back to play. What I went through with my injuries and missing four years, that story hasn’t really been told," he added.

Hill went on to explain how injuries made him mentally and emotionally stronger. He thought he was never going to play again but he fought with all he got to continue having a role in the NBA:

"Just how low it got, how dark it was, and how I was pretty much told that I wouldn’t be able to play again. And to really kind of fight the mental, the emotional and physical fight necessary and not to quit. I have scars that I was ashamed of and embarrassed of. But now there’s a sense of pride because I know what went into resuming my career. It took a tremendous amount of fight, grit, toughness resolve and I’m just grateful that I was able to experience that and get back and play until I was an old man at the age of 40," he concluded.

Grant Hill, Greg Oden, Brandon Roy, Derrick Rose are just some examples of players bound for greatness that could never live up to it because of injuries. Sad as it is, these kinds of stories are great to give us input as to what players really feel when they're hurt, so maybe we stop judging them so harshly.