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Graphic Designer Creates NBA Version Of NBA Street Fighter

The offseason is often the time where creativity thrives within the NBA community. With more time to build and create, it can birth some really awesome content.

On Reddit, one fan has taken the NBA subreddit by storm by incorporating the popular fighting game "Street Fighter" into the basketball world.

Released in 1987, the original "Street Fighter" video game featured a one-on-one traditional fighting combat system. And though the graphics are way outdated now, it's a video game classic that has resulted in many sequels and spinoffs.

On Reddit, one graphic designer showed off his skill with some awesome artwork depicting some NBA stars as they would look in the original Street Fighter game.

(Credit: u/nurkin)

(via Reddit/u/nurkin)

(via Reddit/u/nurkin)


The pictures really seem to capture the persona of the players and each has its own unique twist. Best of all was the way the artist was able to make the edits feel natural and as if they could have really been in the actual game.

No word has been shared yet on how long these took to make, or if we can expect any similar creations in the future. Regardless, this was an awesome project and we'll be on the lookout for any future updates.