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Grayson Allen Responds After Being Called Out By Trae Young For Dirty Play

(via @TheTraeYoung)

(via @TheTraeYoung)

Following Saturday night's Hawks vs. Grizzlies matchup, Trae Young took to Twitter to call out his opponent, Grayson Allen, for what he perceived as a dirty play.

Grayson Allen doesn't have the best reputation, so it's hardly a surprise to see him being called out in this way. Still, not everybody was so quick to make accusations against him...

It didn't take long for Allen to issue a response.

No matter whose side you're on here, the controversy surrounding this play really shows how much the NBA has changed over the past few years. Those types of plays just really don't fly anymore.

As for Allen and Young, it seems they could be the source of the NBA's next big rivalry. We might have to circle the date of their next meeting...