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Gregg Popovich On The Police Shooting Of Daunte Wright: "He's Dead, And We Just Keep Moving On As if Nothing Is Happening."

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

Gregg Popovich has always been one to speak out on social justice issues. And, following the shooting of Daunte Wright by police, he spoke up again, bluntly calling for the cycle to stop.

While the full details are still not yet known, early reports say the officer mistook his handgun for a taser, which is why he "accidentally" shot and killed Daunte. No matter what you make of that story, it's just unacceptable to make a mistake like that.

Naturally, protests and demonstrations have taken place all over Minneapolis, as calls for justice and accountability of officers continue to grow louder.

While the NBA has not made a public statement on the matter, they have given their personnel the freedom to speak freely on such issues, and even postponed the Timberwolves game that was supposed to take place.

In these situations, there is really no "fixing" what happened. But it doesn't mean we have to move on and forget. Lie Pop is implying, we need to take action and promote some real change, or else people are going to keep losing their lives in unnecessary ways.