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Gregg Popovich Unsure If He'll Be Coaching Next Season


The time of transition for the San Antonio Spurs will continue on, and this time Gregg Popovich may be the latest to depart after decades with the team.

After mentioning that he and R.C. Buford have been discussing the team's future, he was asked about his plans for next season and gave a response that could spell bad news for the Spurs.

(via The New York Times)

“I don’t know the answer,” he said.

No matter his decision, Pop is free to coach however long he wants with the team. That much is clear.

What's not so clear is where Pop's head is right now. Popovich, who turns 70 on Jan. 28, is in the last season of a five-year contract extension he signed after the Spurs won their most recent Championship. After the departure of Duncan, Parker, Manu, and Kawhi, Popovich is the only one of the core folks remaining from the Championship Spurs era.

A new team, an advanced age, and a changing game could easily be triggers for an exit out of the game. Then again, with San Antonio somehow in the playoff picture again, there's no proof that Pop can't keep going on for a while longer.