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Grizzlies Equipment Assistant Rejected $100K Offer For Game-Worn LeBron James’ Shoes

Grizzlies Equipment Assistant Rejected $100K Offer For Game-Worn LeBron James’ Shoes

Back in December 2018, LeBron James starred in one big moment with a Memphis Grizzlies equipment assistant. The King saw this lady, Brianè Miller, always wearing a pair of LeBron shoes whenever he went to play in Memphis.

During that December, he wanted to show his appreciation with the assistant and gave her an exclusive pair of his signature shoes.

James gave her the sneakers he wore during that game and a huge, bringing the woman to tears for the gesture. Bron even explained the moment built through the years, and he always noticed how Miller wore his shoes every time he went to play against the Grizzlies.

“Every year I’ve come here, she’s always worn a very exclusive pair of my shoes, and I’ve always noticed it but never said anything to her,” he said of Miller after that game. “Tonight I said something to her for the first time, and she was like, ‘Yeah … I’ve always been Team LeBron. Always.’ So she got a pair of LeBrons.”

After that moment, Miller talked about her love and loyalty to LeBron, even revealing she had received huge offers for the pair of shoes, rejecting all of them. Talking with The Undefeated a couple of days after her moment with LeBron, he recalled how everything happened and how unreal it was to get a pair of shoes from LeBron himself.

“Like LeBron said, I’ve been wearing his shoes for a long time. I’m very loyal to his sneaker game. And I guess he always noticed and never really said nothing to me … but I’m real good friends with his bodyguard. I was taking warmups to the back, and his bodyguard came and was like, ‘Hey, come over here.’ I’m thinking something was wrong because I supervise the away side … but they surprised me with the shoes. LeBron said, ‘You’re a hard worker and I appreciate you.’ He gave me his shoes and I broke down. He hugged me, then his bodyguard hugged me. And I took the shoes to the back.”

The most impressive part of the story is how loyal she remains to LeBron, turning down big-money offers for those kicks. It was a great gesture by one of the greatest players ever and not even all the money in the world would make Miller change her mind.