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Grizzlies Reporter Had A Controversial Take Following Dillon Brooks' Suspension: "Draymond Green Didn't Get Suspended Because Brandon Clarke Is Better At Landing."

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Dillon Brooks has officially been suspended for Game 3 due to his Flagrant 2 foul on Gary Payton II, and there's no doubt that this is a blow to the Memphis Grizzlies. Dillon Brooks is an elite perimeter defender and can provide some supplementary scoring for the team.

There's no doubt that many among the Grizzlies fanbase and media are frustrated at the suspension, as that may cost them a win. Reporter Mark Giannotto referenced Draymond Green's Flagrant 2 against Brandon Clarke in Game 1 and seemingly suggested that the Golden State Warriors forward wasn't suspended because Brandon Clarke "is better at landing", and thus wasn't injured, unlike Gary Payton II. It is clear that this was a controversial thing to say, and many fans blasted him for his statement.

Draymond Green didn't get suspended because Brandon Clarke is better at landing.

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Draymond Green's flagrant foul wasn't a clean shot by any means. However, Dillon Brook's play was clearly more reckless, as he was trying to stop a player that was already mid-air, despite already getting beaten on the play. Even teammate Brandon Clarke admitted that Dillon Brooks' foul on Gary Payton II was excessive.

“Playoff ball is tough," Clarke told Lowe. "There’s so many emotions, there’s so much going on, and everybody wants to win so bad. I think players can get caught up in that and kind of act out when they shouldn’t act out. I think Dillon obviously feels bad, I haven’t really talked with him much, but I saw that Gary is injured from the play.

“I watched it again, and Dillon definitely fouled him way too hard and did something that he shouldn’t have done. But it’s tough. There’s obviously falls every game that could definitely result in somebody getting hurt, but you really don’t want to see somebody get hurt off a flagrant, obviously. I know that Dillon feels bad. It’s just a real bad part of the game, but hopefully, we all can move on from that.”

Hopefully, Dillon Brooks can learn from this suspension, and avoid repeating the same mistakes. It is okay to play physical and aggressive defense, but there are definitely a few steps in between that and fouling someone in mid-air.

The Memphis Grizzlies will need to find a way to stay competitive without Dillon Brooks' two-way presence in Game 3. Hopefully, their team is up for the challenge, and beating a Stephen Curry-led team at home won't be easy.