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GTA Player Trolls Anthony Davis On Livestream: “Can You Spank Me When You Do It?”


Before going off with 42 points over the Phoenix Suns, Anthony Davis made the headlines for his off-court activities. Unfortunately, the Los Angeles Lakers star has been the victim of trolls online, which doesn't seem to be changing anytime soon. 

Like other NBA stars, AD has become a streamer, and people have taken advantage of that to mess with the 2020 NBA champion. Recently, he was playing GTA, and one player made a bizarre request to him that left AD speechless. 

Player: "Can you at least spank me when you do it?

"Davis: "Ayy hold on, hold on, who said that, bro? Who said that, bro?"

It was a very bizarre thing to say but being behind a screen gives people this freedom. Davis couldn't believe what he was hearing and tried to get some answers, but nobody replied to him. 

This has been recurrent for Davis in recent days. Last week, he was trolled during an AMA session on Reddit, getting all kinds of weird questions from fans that were more interested in messing with him than learning from a top 10 NBA star. 

That continued during a recent stream, and AD has to get used to that because nothing points out that that will change.