Gus "Baby Jokic" Yalden Could Be A Star In The NBA

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Gus Yalden is a name that most fans will not recognize, but his game is generating a lot of excitement from scouts and experts alike.

A 6-8 center from Wisconsin, Gus is being called "baby Jokic" for how his skillset so closely mirrors that of the Denver star. As a playmaker and distributor with amazing footwork, he makes the perfect modern big man -- and his desire to win is clearly evident.

“I just love the game and I hope it shows when people watch me play," Yalden told Badgers Wire. "I’m competitive and hate to lose! I am an inside out big and I can also push it up the floor off a rebound because I can handle and see the floor. Also, I am going to hit a guy when he is open for that easy bucket.”

Obviously, people have their eyes on Yalden, and he is looking like a top prospect for the 2023 draft class.

But it remains to be seen how his game will translate to the pro level. If he's anything like Jokic, he'll have an enormous impact on offense for his team as a distributor, leader, and shot maker. Exciting times, to say the least, especially for whichever team ends up with him in the next few years.