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Heat Coach Erik Spoelstra On LeBron James: "In the Finals, He Was Making Adjustments To Our Adjustments To The Adjustments..."

(via ProbasketballTalk - NBA | NBC Sports)

(via ProbasketballTalk - NBA | NBC Sports)

LeBron James is an absolute beast on the basketball court, and that fact is no mystery to the millions who watch him worldwide.

But when it comes to his game, there is one aspect of it that often gets taken for granted: his basketball IQ. The guy knows the game inside and out, and often makes calls for his squad that gives them the upper hand against their opponent.

In a chat with the media, Heat coach Erik Spoelstra talked a bit about the genius of LeBron, and the adjustments he used to make for his team.

"In the Finals, he was making adjustments to our adjustments to the adjustments. And not making an adjustment to the adjustment I thought about making an adjustment, but I bluffed the adjustment, and he knew I was making a bluff. By the end of the series, I had no idea what the adjustments were."

For as much as LeBron James dominates the game physically, much of what he does on the court can be attributed to his ability to break down the game mentally.

As a 4x Champion, and 4x MVP, it seems he has become an expert at exploiting weaknesses, making adjustments, and leading his team to proper execution. Needless to say, there really isn't anything the guy can't do...