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Heckling Pacers Fans Allegedly Called Jusuf Nurkic's Late Grandmother The B-Word

Heckling Pacers Fans Allegedly Called Jusuf Nurkic's Late Grandmother The B-Word

Jusuf Nurkic starred in a controversial moment with an Indiana Pacers fan recently, as the young man confronted the Portland Trail Blazers big man, trying to get under his skin, something that he did. The Bosnian player didn't have much patience for the other guy and threw his phone away in anger. 

The league announced today that Nurkic was fined $40,000 for that action, raising some eyebrows around the community with that decision. Moreover, we learned new details about what really happened between the fan and the player at that moment. 

Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports shed light on this situation, revealing that the fan used incredible disgusting language when arguing with Jusuf. The insider said that the heckling fan insulted Nurkic's mom and grandmother. This is already wrong, but to make things worse, the player's grandmother sadly passed away in 2020 due to COVID-19. Yet, this fan showed no respect. 

The fan who Portland Trail Blazers center Jusuf Nurkic confronted in Indiana allegedly shouted “your mom is trash” and said his “grandma’s a b**tch,” league sources tell @YahooSports. Nurkic’s grandma passed away of COVID-19 in 2020.

Nurkic's teammate Josh Hart also chimed in on this altercation, asking the Indiana Pacers to do something about that fan since he crossed the line while talking to the veteran center. 

Hope @Pacers banned the kid talking disrespectfully about his family. Trash talk during a game is cool but when fans cross that line they need to be held accountable too.

NBA fans are taking things too far recently. There's a strange idea around the community that they can do whatever they want and players need to be silent about it. Nobody is taking anything from them anymore, and even though the league is fining players for their reactions, they will be ready to fire back when somebody tries to bring them down. It happened with Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, LeBron James and now Nurkic.