Hilarious Charles Barkley Impression Goes Viral On Twitter

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Hilarious Charles Barkley Impression Goes Viral On Twitter

Charles Barkley is a pretty unique character. His mannerisms, voice, and interesting choice of words can be recognized by most NBA fans. Not only has he been a staple in the sports broadcasting world for years now, he is an ex-NBA player who isn't afraid to say what he thinks and be himself in front of the camera.

As a result, Barkley has become notorious for his ability to generate laughs with his personality and rather outlandish comments -- but today, it was someone else who got the fame.

On Twitter, Danny Rouhier went viral for what might be the world's best Charles Barkley impression. In the 40 second clip, he does a pretty spot-on job of mimicking what Barkley sounds like during a half-time analysis.

Seriously, just take a listen to this guy speak and it might just blow your mind.

That's some serious talent right there, and fans were loving every bit of it.

Apparently, the guy has been doing impressions for a while now, and he can do all kinds of different people.

As for Chuck himself, even he had to acknowledge how accurate the clip was, and it's only fitting that he fumbled the pronunciation of Danny's name in the end.