Hilarious Clip Of Luka Doncic Rejecting Paul George's Jersey Swap

Hilarious Clip Of Luka Doncic Rejecting Paul George's Jersey Swap

Following the end of a hard-fought, wildly entertaining series, Luka Doncic and Paul George embraced to share some final words before parting.

All the while, George begins taking off his jersey in an apparent attempt at a jersey swap -- a tradition that George has made his staple over the years.

In a rather hilarious turn of events, however, Luka seems to reject the swap, hilariously leaving PG hanging as he runs off with his jersey.

Of course, we can't confirm what happened in that short exchange between the two, but it makes for some funny content nonetheless.

Luka did confirm that he sent George his jersey after the game, so everything turned out fine...

For whatever reason, Paul George always seems to get put in these types of situations, and NBA Twitter can't help but laugh at some of the stuff that happens to him.

This time, though, he's got to be feeling pretty good.

He and his Clippers have successfully saved their season after going down 2-3 earlier in the series. With their main L.A. rival already out of the equation, it seems like the Clips have their best chance ever at advancing to the Finals.

So, successful jersey swap or not, Paul George has a lot to celebrate tonight.