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History Suggests DeMarcus Cousins May Have Played His Last Game In The NBA

(via Los Angeles Times)

(via Los Angeles Times)

After news of DeMarcus Cousins' latest injury, people from around the community came pouring in to send their support for the discouraged star.

His ACL tear with the Lakers will cost him another NBA season, and will further inhibit his opportunities on the court. But, more than that, there is potential Cousins may not even come back at all.

As noted by ESPN, there has never been an instance of an NBA player suffering both an Achilles rupture and an ACL tear and returning to play in the league again.

“Cousins would again face an uncertain future after his rehab,” the report noted. “There’s no precedent I’ve found for a player returning after suffering both Achilles and ACL ruptures in the NBA. The two players in my databases who have dealt with both injuries, Emanual Davis and Jerome James, never returned to the league after the Achilles rupture. (Both were 34 at the time and already on the fringes of the league, not really comparable to Cousins.)”

At 29-years-old, DeMarcus certainly has a better case to come back than the others.

But as a big man who was already limited in his mobility, how much can we really expect from him if he does return? Only time will tell, but history is certainly not on his side in this case.