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Horace Grant Picks His Five Favorite Players Ever

(via Fadeaway World)

(via Fadeaway World)

4x NBA Champion Horace Grant recently hosted an AMA on NBA Reddit. As fans barraged him with myriads of questions, he eventually got the opportunity to share his list of his most favorite players.

Here's what he said:

If you had to make a lineup of your favorite players who would be in it?

"You have to put Michael Jordan there… then a guy like Oscar Robertson, then Bill Russell. That’s three to start. Hakeem Olajuwon, and then I would go with Magic Johnson."

(via Reddit/NBA)

(via Reddit/NBA)

Horace played from 1987-2004. He spent seven seasons with the Bulls (and won three Championships) before moving on to sign with the Magic in '94.

As for his list, it's obviously compiled of his favorite players -- which is subjective. Not much to debate here.

Oscar was an instant triple-double and was a guy who did a little bit of everything on the floor.

Magic is considered by many to be the greatest point guard ever -- his handles, passing, and court vision were unmatched.

Hakeem is known for his signature "Dream shake" that n0ot only looked pretty, but was also dominant on the floor.

Bill Russell doesn't get much love nowadays, but he is the great winner basketball has ever known with 11 titles and 5 MVPs.

And, of course, there's Jordan -- Grant's former teammate and the nearly unanimous GOAT.

All these guys have insane talent and it's clear that Horace has a profound respect for their game. Can't really blame him for showing some love to these classic players.