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Hornets Announcers Roast James Harden After He Commits His 10th Turnover Of The Game

(via Houston Chronicle)

(via Houston Chronicle)

After getting to a scorching hot start, James Harden has struggled of late.

Last night, despite dropping 30 points, 14 assists, and 10 rebounds, the Rockets suffered a brutal loss, to which Harden's ridiculous 10 turnovers played an obvious role.

During the game, following his tenth turnover, the Hornets announcers make a pretty big show of it, calling Harden's quadruple-double "NBA History."

“That’s history, folks. A quadruple-double for James Harden in points, rebounds, assists, and turnovers.”

The Rockets have has a pretty up-and-down season so far. Their current 3-game losing streak comes after a 5-game win streak. Perhaps more concerning is that two of their most recent three losses have come to the Knicks and Hornets.

Throughout his career, Harden has always been criticized for his methods on the basketball court. He's an isolation player, through-and-through, which usually means he's also a ball-stopper. When he has the ball, it usually takes the full shot-clock for him to do his thing.

Lately, he has been in an especially worrisome spell. For the month of January, he shot 35% from the field and just 25% from downtown. And now with this 10-turnover game against Charlotte, nobody knows when it will end.