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Houston Car Wash Started To Give Free Washes In Exchange For James Harden Jerseys

Credit: iCARWASH

Credit: iCARWASH

James Harden finally had his wish granted when the Houston Rockets sent him to the Brooklyn Nets in a blockbuster 4-team trade. The Beard was looking to get out of Houston since the start of the 2020 NBA offseason and the Rockets didn't want to wait more time to ship him.

After he called out his teammates on Tuesday night, everybody was sure it was going to be a matter of time before Harden joined a different team. Well, he's not part of the Nets, where Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving (one would imagine) will help them compete in the Eastern Conference in their attempt to win an NBA championship.

Everybody, including the Rockets, must be happy about how things worked out for them, as they received a series of draft picks, a great player in Victor Oladipo and solved the Harden problem. However, not everybody in H-Town is happy about this situation, especially with how things were handled by Harden from the start of training camp until his last game with the team.

The Harden slander has started and one car wash in Houston has started to give out free washes in exchange for the Beard's jerseys. The purpose of this is very clear and the people in Houston are actually attending the place to get their free washes.

Via ABC13 Houston:

A Houston father and son are taking their anger to the next level after the Houston Rockets ended the suspense and drama surrounding James Harden by trading him to Brooklyn.

The owners of i Car Wash on FM-1960 quickly changed their marque to inform Houstonians that they will take your Harden jersey and in exchange, give you a free car wash.

This happened after the news broke that the Rockets sent Harden to the Nets in a blockbuster four-team trade.

Harden was the face of the team for the last nine years. He tried over and over again to win with various squads but he was never successful. Now he's headed to Brooklyn, where the Nets are waiting to see if he can actually help Kevin Durant win the first title in the history of the franchise.