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Houston Rockets Legend Calvin Murphy Caught Taking Shots At James Harden: "He Quit."

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Houston Rockets legend Calvin Murphy has taken something off of his chest but he did it at the wrong moment when everybody was watching and listening to him. The James Harden saga with the Rockets is still developing and Murphy isn't happy with the things he's watching from the Beard this season.

The star shooting guard requested a trade from the Rockets at the start of the offseason and now he's earned a lot of criticism and hate from the Rockets fans who supported him for the last nine years. Murphy was caught expressing his real feelings on Harden and his performances with the Rockets and everything went worse after the Indiana Pacers beat Houston 114-107 on Wednesday night.

He only scored 15 points (5-of-14 shooting), 12 assists and 4 rebounds against the Pacers. Murphy did admit that it was good that Harden made up for having a poor night in front of the basket but when the show was headed to commercial, he could be heard saying “he quit," in reference to Harden.

This drama doesn't seem to end anytime soon. People have noticed that Harden isn't the same that he was and he's not playing as he used to play with the Rockets. He's earning more and more hate as the days go by and until he doesn't get traded, these types of comments will keep arriving.

Nobody knows where he will end up playing but things don't look that good for James.