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This Is How Covid-19 Would Have Spread Across The NBA If Players Weren't Tested And The League Not Been Suspended

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Rudy Gobert's positive diagnosis was a wake-up call to the NBA. After debating their action towards the Coronavirus for weeks, Gobert's confirmation with the virus prompted them to cancel the game, and all other games, for at least a full month.

And while it's easy to get bummed at the thought of not having basketball for a few weeks, things would have gotten ugly had the season continued.

In a video posted by Reddit user (u/Mikeismyike), it details how COVID-19 would have spread throughout the league if players had not been tested and the league not suspended.

Obviously, the virus would have eventually trickled down to infect every team in the NBA. Often, it can be days before someone feels symptoms and, by then, that individual has already exposed several other people.

Had it not been for the testing of Gobert and the rest of the Jazz team, many, many more within the NBA community would have caught the pandemic.

As the worldwide case number continues to increase, people are being vigilant and cautious about how they interact with the people and world around them. The NBA, fortunately, got out in front of this thing.