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How Paul George Knew He Should’ve Re-Signed With OK


The Los Angeles Clippers were more than keen to move Blake Griffin on before the trade deadline this year in February and the Oklahoma City Thunder were one of the franchises who turned an offer down.

According to ESPN writer, Royce Young, the Clippers proposed an offer to the Thunder that involved Paul George.

The exchange was transcribed in an NBA Reddit thread (via user “urfaselol”):

"They offered him around to everybody," said Royce Young on The Hoop Collective podcast.

"I don't know if that's true," replied Brian Windhorst.

"I mean I know they made calls to Oklahoma City for Paul George," Young said. "I'm pretty sure they made calls to Minnesota for players, so I mean, like, they tried to get some bigger name players. It just wasn't happening."

The Clippers were aggressive with their pursuit of trading Blake Griffin before settling on a trade with the Detroit Pistons.

The decision from Oklahoma City to turn down an offer from the Clippers shows the amount of confidence that the franchise held in Paul George since there were plenty of talks that George may look elsewhere during the offseason.

Paul George has recently committed to a 4-year deal worth $137 million to stay with the Thunder, shocking many who thought George would be heading home to Los Angeles to play with Lakers.

The Thunder finished fourth in the Western Conference last season and will be looking to be up around the same mark again next season in an attempt to be the side that can overthrow the Warriors in the playoffs.