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How 'The Last Dance' Resurfaced A Bad Michael Jordan Memory For Charles Barkley

How 'The Last Dance' Resurfaced A Bad Michael Jordan Memory For Charles Barkley

When 'The Last Dance' premiered during the height of the pandemic, millions of people around the world gathered to watch. The series allowed NBA fans to re-live the Jordan era of the 90s, and it brought the feelings of nostalgia and appreciation that many needed at the time.

For Charles Barkley, the experience was no different -- save for one moment during the final few episodes.

Speaking on 'The Sessions' podcast with Renée Paquette, Chuck revealed the part of the documentary that he says revived some bad memories.

“It was always great going down memory lane. I got to like episode 5 when they beat us for the championship, I was like, “Oh sh*t that’s a bad memory.” But it made me realize how much Michael went through because a lot of these guys today don’t wanna compete, they all get together and that’s annoying.”

Episode six highlights the Finals series between the Suns and Bulls, which apparently included some questionable behavior by Barkley.

The Bulls would end up winning the series, but the relationship between Barkley and Michael has yet to recover. And after criticizing MJs leadership of the HOnets years ago, it seems like the bridges have been burned for good.

“Barkley, he can never get back in (Jordan's inner circle)," said Charles Oakley. "No matter what he do. He do jumping jack, push-ups, he can’t get back in the family, he out. He crossed the line, he crossed three lines, and he got a ticket for every line he crossed. He found some new friends. I guess on TNT and subway and safeway. He looking. But he outside he catching the train. He going to the mall. He’s looking for friends right now.”

Chuck has some beef with a number of different players (both current and former). Despite his hilarious on-screen personality that fans today have come to love, his brutally honest takes can get him into some hot water with his peers.

Even back in the day, his flaming tongue apparently got the better of him.

In the future, let's just hope he gets better at mincing his words a bit.