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Richard Jefferson Roasted Nets After Bucks Beat Celtics: "Boston Will Be Fine But It Also Shows How Far Away The Nets Really Were From Being A Contender This Year."

"I Don't Know If Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant Will Respect Any Coach You Give Them", Says NBA Analyst

The Boston Celtics were recently defeated by the Milwaukee Bucks in Game 1 of the second round. It was clear that the Milwaukee Bucks were the better team today, even without the presence of Khris Middleton. What was slightly surprising is that this happened on the Boston Celtics' home court.

After the Boston Celtics defeated the Brooklyn Nets in the first round of the playoffs, many thought that they were a contender that would be able to get out of the Eastern Conference.

However, it is clear that they are still an imperfect team, one that is still vulnerable to elimination. After the Celtics were soundly beaten by the Bucks, Richard Jefferson took a swipe at the Nets, pointing out that the Bucks defeating the Celtics team that beat the Nets just shows how far the Nets are from being a championship contender.

Boston will be fine but it also shows how far away the NETS really were from being a contender this year! 

At the beginning of the season, many people thought that the Brooklyn Nets were a team that would be competing for the championship currently. Even after the James Harden trade to the 76ers, people thought that the team would be able to do some damage in the playoffs. However, that clearly didn't end up being the case.

Hopefully, the Brooklyn Nets are able to change some things up and potentially build a championship roster around Kevin Durant. Kyrie Irving has already announced his intention to return to the Brooklyn Nets, and retaining him would obviously be the right move. On top of that, Ben Simmons should be available for the team, which would give them a big 3.

It remains to be seen how the Brooklyn Nets do next season. It is clear that they need to address some roster construction issues, and it'll be interesting to see how they approach that issue.