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"I Just Realized That This Means The Clippers Have To Watch The Lakers Get Their Rings," Says NBA Insider

(via The Arizona Republic)

(via The Arizona Republic)

With just a few weeks to go until opening night, excitement for the new season couldn't be higher in the NBA community. Among countless storylines, the intensifying battle in Los Angeles continues to be one of the most talked-about narratives.

Last season, the Clippers made a huge wave by signing Paul George and Kawhi Leonard to add alongside their already talented group of players. At the time, it was seen as the ultimate challenge to the Purple and Gold, a rivalry renewed thanks to both teams being contenders at the same time.

We know how it would end -- with the Clippers being defeated early and having to watch their biggest competitor raise the Larry O'Brien trophy instead. To make matters even worse, the Clippers are slated to play against the reigning NBA Champs (as the away team) on opening night, which means they'll have a front-row seat to the ring ceremony.

As some people pointed out, the NBA's early start could mean that the Rings won't be ready that day, as they take several months to be finished. That possibility didn't stop the fans, though, who continued to respond with brutal jabs towards the Clips.

Considering their history of losing, and their insanely disappointing finish in last season's playoffs, having to witness the Lakeshow get their rings would almost be like a form of torture for Kawhi's team. It might also serve as motivation for them to redeem themselves.

Altogether, this Clippers team really only has one season under their belt, and it was at a time where so much was going wrong with the world. Given this second attempt, it's more than plausible to think things could end up different this time.

We'll just have to wait and see for ourselves.