"I Never Saw Anyone Give Away As Many Championship Games As Wilt Chamberlain": Happy Hairston Roasted His Legendary Teammate

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"I Never Saw Anyone Give Away As Many Championships As Wilt Chamberlain": Happy Hairston Roasts His Legendary Teammate

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Wilt Chamberlain was one of the most dominant players in the history of the NBA. Chamberlain's numbers, at first glance, look like they came from a video game. That's how absolutely insane his stint in the NBA was. Chamberlain holds so many records in the NBA, the biggest of course, being the record for most points in one game at a 100. 

No player has ever come close to matching that points total in one game, with Kobe Bryant coming closest with a legendary 81 points in 2006. On the court, no one had answer for Wilt Chamberlain. He would dominate every opponent he faced, and won multiple championships because of his ability to bully his way to the basket with ridiculous ease. It seemed as though no one could get anything at Wilt's expense.

But off the court, there was one night where Wilt was the victim of a roasting. Wilt Chamberlain participated in a roast where special celebrities, including former teammates Happy Hairston gave him a verbal 50-piece with the insults. At one point, he lambasted Chamberlain for his poor performances in the NBA Finals. On top of that, there were jokes about him being inferior to Bill Russell, his private life, and how referees would handle his behavior on the court. To catch all of the jokes, swipe right on the post below.

"I never saw anyone give away as many championship games as Wilt"

"Some criticize Wilt for not changing his name like Muhammad Ali or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. But they dont understand Wilt. It's not that he isn't willing to change his name. It's that there is only name that he'd rather have and that has already been taken - Bill Russell."

Chamberlain had jokes thrown at him from a whole panel of people armed with jokes. But it was all in celebration of a man whose greatness knows no bounds. There will never be another player like Wilt Chamberlain. But hopefully, there will be another event like this where some of the best in entertainment can gather for a roast of a current NBA star.