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“I See The Los Angeles Clippers Vs. The Milwaukee Bucks In The NBA Finals,” Says Former Lakers Champion John Salley

(via Clips Nation)

(via Clips Nation)

The Los Angeles Lakers are heavily favored to win the 2020 title this season. Thanks to their dominance last year, and the pieces GM Rob Pelinka was able to acquire in the offseason, the Purple and Gold look primed to make a big run once again.

But not everybody is sold on their chances to win. For former Lakers champion John Salley, for example, he is predicting a Finals series that will feature the Clippers and Bucks.

“I see the Los Angeles Clippers versus the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA Finals,”said John Salley. “This is my reason – The Lakers, when I saw McGee and Rondo and Dwight on other teams, it takes a team to win a championship.

Proven fact – Michael Jordan couldn’t do without a team, Kobe couldn’t do without a team. I love that they got Gasol in their squad, but this offense works differently.”

The Clippers impressed last season before their total collapse in the playoffs. Thanks to inconsistent play across the board, the team was unable to get past the second round, suffering a brutal defeat at the hands of the Denver Nuggets.

This season, the hope is that a new coach and a desire for redemption will help propel them to success.

For the Bucks, their story is very similar. Coming in with big expectations, they fell flat in the 2020 playoffs, losing to the Miami Heat in a rather embarrassing fashion.

The Bucks made some big moves as well in the offseason, acquiring star point guard Jrue Holiday.

Like it or not both teams have a real chance to make some noise this season. And, despite their past failures, they shouldn't be counted out to represent their respective conferences.