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"I Would Rather Give Jordan Poole $25,000,000 A Year Than Give Donovan Mitchell $35,000,000+ A Year 100 Out Of 100 Times", NBA Fans Argue Who Is Worth More Between The Two NBA Stars

"I Would Rather Give Jordan Poole $25,000,000 A Year Than Give Donovan Mitchell $35,000,000+ A Year 100 Out Of 100 Times", NBA Fans Argue Who Is Worth More Between The Two NBA Stars

Jordan Poole has had a stunning rise to prominence over the last year or so, and not many outside of Golden State would have seen it coming. After a terrible rookie year in which he was incredibly inefficient, Poole has improved his game significantly and was a key contributor as the Warriors became NBA champions once again.

As is the case when one contributes to winning, they attract interest from teams around the league, and Poole is no different. An Eastern Conference executive stated that the Magic could target Poole in free agency, and the Warriors will have to make a decision on what lengths they are willing to go to keep him. Their payroll could go up to $400 million if Poole, Andrew Wiggins, and Draymond Green are extended, which would be a step too far even for them, so someone has to go in all likelihood. 

As news spread on the rumor regarding the Magic, a fan of the team made it clear that he'd much rather have Poole at $25 million than another name whose future is uncertain in Donovan Mitchell, who is in the midst of a 5-year, $163 million deal.

Mitchell has been made available for trade by the Jazz, but the fan here believes that Poole at a reduced rate is a better fit, and NBA Twitter was split on the matter.

"You’re overreacting bro. Donovan Mitchell makes the Magic a top 5 seed in the East. Poole wouldn’t even take them into the play-ins lol"

"Donovan Mitchell dont make squat better. Jazz are literally 17-4 the last 3 years when he is the only starter missing, and has negative on/off the last 3 years in a row. I really wish people would stop letting this man live off the bubble first round exit…"

"Not even accounting for the prospects and picks it would take to get Mitchell. And this is from a guy who isn’t even sold on the Poole thing — but the price difference is absolutely astronomical lol"

"But Mitchell is worth about 10 more million than Poole… Poole is in a system that he will never be focal point of the other defense. Mitchell have done that plus more… wouldn’t Poole at 25million at all"

"Donovan Mitchell doesn't fit for what Mosley wants on defense from his team. He's an All Star but not suited for Orlando. Poole fits way better, rather than having Spida take the usage away from Franz, Paolo and Wendell"

"Id rather have Donovan than Poole, he fits with Banchero. Lowkey can be our version Wade & Bron in Miami."

"folks, this is a perfect example of why the magic will never be a successful franchise again"

"Stop comparing what people do as fourth options to people who have led playoff runs as number one options. It’s apples and oranges"

"I’d have Mitch, he is top three SG,"

"Jordan Poole’s literally just opportunity away from being as good as Mitchell lol"

"Poole has never been a number one option game in and game out or carried a franchise like Donovan."

"Clown take. You would rather have a dude that was an elite 4th option then a guy who is a proven #1 option…."

"Poole, Paolo, Franz would be VERY hard to guard. Question will be defense but we say that about every young player."

"Y’all think Jordan Poole will average 34 ppg across 17 playoff games at any point in his career??"

"As a Poole fan I’m here to tell you that this is crazy. People too low on Mitchell now"

"The difference between Poole and Mitchell is basically touches."

"This is insane tweet Mitchell is another realm and Is better at everything bruh"

You have to consider the fact here, too, that they would have to give up a lot of assets to get Mitchell and then pay him an additional $10 million as compared to Poole, which perhaps does make the Warriors guard a more attractive commodity, as he is free.

Regardless, either of these guys would be a big boost for the Magic if they do end up landing one of them at some point, and it would go a long way towards returning the franchise to some relevance for the first time since the days of Dwight Howard.