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Ice Cube Suggests The Clippers Should Move To Seattle

(via The Herald-Mail)

(via The Herald-Mail)

The Los Angeles Clippers made a big impression on the NBA community despite getting bounced in the first round by the Warriors. Without a single All-Star, the team kept up with the defending Champs, with one victory coming from a 31-point comeback in the second half.

Still, Ice Cube is not sold on the idea of the Clippers staying in Los Angeles. By all accounts, it will always be a Laker town.

"The Clippers don't have a chance to take the city... they need to just go and I think Seattle really loves basketball."

The idea of the Lakers reigning in Los Angeles is nothing new. Just about anyone around the area knows the population heavily favors the 16-time Champs.

Even in the midst of very dark times for the Lakeshow, they still control the city.

How should the Clippers respond? A relocation might suit them best, especially to a city like Seattle, who has long sought an NBA return to their city. Either way, Los Angeles might not be big enough for two teams after all. The Lakers, who also happen to have the most polarizing player in the NBA, are still the team to beat in Los Angeles.