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Ice Cube Takes Massive Shot At Clippers


They say that some cities have enough room for two teams. New York, Los Angeles... it doesn't get any bigger than that, right?

Thing is, one team always runs the show. In New York, the Knicks are the talk of the town, while the Brooklyn Nets are just kinda there. In Los Angeles, everything is about the Purple and Gold. The Clippers, meanwhile, seem invisible at times.

To make matters worse, the Clippers haven't even been particularly good in their history. In fact, besides the recently dismantled Lob City era, with CP3, Blake Griffin, and DeAndre Jordan, the Clippers have been abysmal.

That's probably why Ice Cube wants them out of LA. In an appearance on ESPN's First Take, the millionaire shared his thoughts on the sub-par franchise.


Safe to say the Clips aren't moving anytime soon. But should they?

They might just be better off in Seattle, Vegas, or another city that would give the team a fresh start and a fan base fully committed to the franchise.

Someone ought to pass the word along.