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Iconic Picture Of Allen Iverson And JR Smith Playing Pool During Halftime Goes Viral

Iconic Picture Of Allen Iverson And JR Smith Playing Pool During Halftime Goes Viral

Allen Iverson was an iconic figure during his career in the NBA, and his legacy has endured way beyond his playing days. AI was an inspiration to many different players that are currently in the league today. It was his charisma, swagger, and flair that made him such a fan favorite within the NBA community.

There have been several stories about Allen Iverson's career, both on and off the court. While his play on the court was legendary, it was his relaxed demeanor off the court that attracted fans to him. Iverson was cool, and this picture from his stint in Denver is one of the best examples of Iverson's coolness.

A picture from Iverson's time with the Denver Nuggets recently went viral. In the picture, which was supposedly taken at half-time of a Nuggets game, Allen Iverson, and a young JR Smith were captured playing pool together before they went back out to complete the second half of the game.

Moments like these show just why Iverson was such a beloved figure. Many believe Iverson to be a maverick, someone who always did things his way, regardless of the consequences. Unfortunately, Iverson was never able to win an NBA championship in his career. But the legacy he left behind is still one of the biggest ever.

To this day, many hold AI in extremely high regard. Most fans consider him to be one of the greatest guards in NBA history and a true trendsetter in the league. He showed many young players that they can be successful if they are skilled enough. And Iverson's skills inspired a generation of players currently playing in the league.

Iverson's persona will probably never be matched in the NBA. He was the most unique character of his generation, and no other player has ever come close to matching the sheer aura that AI had about him during his playing days.