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If James Harden Wins The Scoring Title This Year, It’ll Mean He, Westbrook And Durant Have Won 9 Of The Past 11 Scoring Titles

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

James Harden is once again having a tremendous season with the Houston Rockets, with the Beard putting up big numbers every single night. He is on his way to earning his third scoring title in the league, which could mean three former Oklahoma City Thunder players have won the majority of scoring titles in the last decade.

If Harden wins the scoring title this year, that would mean 9 of the past 11 scoring titles were earned by Harden (3), Russell Westbrook (2) and Kevin Durant (4), according to redditor. What’s even more curious about this is that these three players once played for the same team, the Oklahoma City Thunder.

KD won three consecutive scoring titles from 2009 through 2012, recording 30.1, 27.7 and 28 points per game, respectively, during those seasons. His reign was interrupted by Carmelo Anthony in 2013, before he took revenge the following year, winning his fourth scoring title with 32 ppg.

The next year, it was Westbrook’s turn, whose 28.1 points per outing earned him his first scoring title. Stephen Curry won the award the following season before Russ reclaimed his throne thanks to his 31.6 ppg.

The last two seasons Harden has been the best scorer in the league, averaging 30.4 and 36.1 points per game, respectively. This campaign, the Houston Rockets star is raising the bar, scoring 38.9 points per game, eight more than his closest pursuer, Giannis Antetokounmpo (30.9 ppg).

It’s crazy to see how OKC had so much talent in their hands, but their dynasty never came to fruition. Imagine how good they would have been if they retain these three monsters on their roster. We’d never know, and the only thing to do now is enjoying their talents, even if they aren’t playing together.