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If Kawhi Leonard Wins An NBA Title With The Clippers, He Will Enter The MJ And LeBron Conversation


For what it's worth, Kawhi Leonard has already proved himself to be one of the NBA's best. But for a 28-year-old 3x All-Star and 2x Finals MVP, just how high can his legacy reach?

The answer will never be unanimous, but if he wins a title with the Clippers he has the potential to reach GOAT status in a lot of people's minds.

Fox Sport's Colin Cowherd explains:

In the segment, Colin explains how Kawhi never got the "star" treatment LeBron did when he was entering the league. There were no fancy nickname,s no hefty expectations, just a kid on the Spurs who eventually found his own way. The "slow build."

And no matter what you might think, Colin is right about one thing: success does not always look the same.

For Kawhi, it may not be capturing the headlines wherever he goes, but it is silently leading his teams to Championships. And if he manages to do it, it will be something both LeBron and Michael Jordan failed to do.

So, if he wins his third Chip with the Clippers, what does it mean? We will have to get there before we ever truly find out...