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IG Model Ana Montana Sparks Pregnancy Rumors Days After She Was Spotted With LaMelo Ball

lamelo montana

Instagram model Ana Montana drew a lot of reactions with her recent activity on social media. In case you don't know, the 32-year-old model was linked with Charlotte Hornets' standout LaMelo Ball for quite some time until they were spotted together

A couple of days after that, Montana shared some info on social media that raised many eyebrows around the NBA community. The woman recently shared a tweet that made people think she's pregnant. The fact that she was spotted hanging out with Melo made people believe the young point guard is the father of this supposed baby. 

Credit: WAGS Unfiltered

Credit: WAGS Unfiltered

Of course, fans had something to say about, and it didn't take long for them to recall what LaVar Ball said about women before LaMelo made it to the league. Others mentioned that Ball could have the same fate as PJ Washington and more. 

Via Total Pro Sports

“Lamelo better not do that to lavar.”

“Aint no way ….. lord ….”

“1st PJ now Lamelo (allegedly)? What’s going on in Charlotte? Where are the Vets? Where’s Michael Jordan in all this mess?”

“No way lmao, lavar would have a damn stroke! She must be talking about one of her girls having a baby. She’s excited to be an aunt because aint no damn way”

If this is true, the Ball family's patriarch won't be happy. He warned his son about all the 'secondary effects' that come when you become an NBA player. 

Prior to this, Melo was linked with porn star Teanna Trump, and rumors said he was seeing Trump and Montana at the same time. Well, Ball is young, and he's obviously trying to live his life. However, he needs to be careful with his actions. You never know when they can backfire.