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IG Model Juliana Carlos Explains Why She Got Kicked Out Of The Lakers vs. Hawks Game

IG Model Juliana Carlos Explains Why She Got Kicked Out Of The Lakers vs. Hawks Game

LeBron James was involved in a very curious altercation Monday night when a woman went after him for staring down at her husband during the Atlanta Hawks-Los Angeles Lakers game. The King exchanged a couple of words with the lady and her husband before they were kicked out of the arena.

Following the game, the King reacted to the whole situation, calling her "courtside Karen" and mocking her with several NBA players.

The woman also had the chance to explain what really happened during the game, taking a couple of shots at LeBron James for attacking a 25-year-old woman that was only defending her man. The woman, though, admit she threatened to beat up LeBron.

“Just got kicked out of the game for talking shit to LeBron James for talking sh*t to my f---ing husband,” she said in a series of Instagram stories.“LeBron looked at my husband during the game and cussed him out and I stood up and I go, ‘Don’t fucking talk to my husband. Talk to my husband one more time and I will f*ck you up.’ And he started fighting with me, ‘Shut your mouth, dumb bitch.’ And I go, ‘You shut your fucking mouth bitch.’”

This wasn't the first somebody tried to get under LeBron's skin from the sidelines. Last week he returned to Cleveland to face the Cavaliers and one member of the team front office sparked something inside the King when he celebrated LeBron missing a shot.

Moreover, one fan was ejected from the arena for holding two shirts that called LeBron a "racist" and "narcissist". This time you can say LeBron looked for it and he made it clear he was happy to see fans back in arenas. Amid a global pandemic, the world needs to adjust and the NBA is taking little steps to get where they want to be.

This was a very entertaining exchange and this won't be the last time we hear about this. The good thing is that nothing else happened and the NBA community has meme material for several days.